How to Start Affiliate Marketing ✅(Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020)✅

How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020) – ➡️

Hello guys,

this is my 6th video in my affiliate marketing for beginners series and because the topic of this video is how to start affiliate marketing for beginnes in 2020 I have decided to do this video COMPLETELY WRONG!

What I mean is that you will see:

❌ bad script (actually no script at all)
❌ bad audio
❌bad lighting

But, because these are affiliate marketing tutorial videos for beginners I will tell you the REASON WHY I have decided to do this video like that…

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I want to show you how to get started affiliate marketing for beginners. That means I assume that beginner affiliate marketer would not have great camera, tripod, video editing skills, lighting and other stuff needed to create awesome videos and uploading it to YouTube.

I simply wanted to show you how to do affiliate marketing…(even if you have no money to spend on equipments, you dont really need)…

My point is that anyone can start affiliate marketing and does not matter what you have or know…

But you first learn, then do and then you adjust…That is how you improve any skills, if you are wondering what are the best TWO AFFILIATE MARKETING VIDEO TRAINING COURSES…check out these:



You will learn all the basic skills you need to make $100 a day as an affiliate marketer…(so don’t buy all those expensive affiliate marketing courses promising you riches, if you do STEP 1-2-3…it doesn’t work that way)

If you look for perfection, but don’t take action, you will never get started with affiliate marketing and therefore never make any money online.

So hopefully this video will motivate you to take action and stop you from waiting until you have everything!

If you are wondering what I use to make my videos here are my tools:








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Thank you for watching and I will see you on my next video!

(How to Learn Affiliate Marketing)

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Affiliate Disclaimer: This is to note that I will receive a small affiliate compensation when you click on the links on this video. That does not affect the price of the product and as a matter of a fact, sometimes I will even get a discounts from the vendors, so you can actually save some money. It is important to tell you that I always give you an honest opinions about the products I do reviews on. Also I do not promote anything I do not own, I think that is not the right way of doing business and I will never try to sell you on anything I did not try. My goal is to help you to make the best purchasing decisions, but please understand that these views are solely mine and you do not need to agree with me. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making any kind of purchase on the internet. You should never buy a product just because an YouTube influencer tell you so or just because you have read product reviews on websites.

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