Hidden NFTs On Opensea Account – Good or Bad? [Watch Out For NFT Scams]

Wonder what are the hidden nfts inside your Opensea account? Do you want to know if ther are good nfts or bad ones?

Well, watch this short video and you will know what are the hidden NFTs on Opensea account and if you should do anything about them. Just make sure you are watching out for NFT scams that are targeting people with these hidden nfts with their goal to drain your Metamask wallet and steal all your nfts in in.

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Hidden NFTs On Opensea Account – Good or Bad? [Watch Out For NFT Scams]

This video show you all you need to know about the hidden NFTs on Opensea account and also ho wto watch out for NFT scams.

Watch replay here – https://youtu.be/NhEGXHTxVwI

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